The Wake of Fate

Nature Calls

The tale begins with a meeting held at the business offices of Silnar Enterprises in Greyhawk. Six adventurers have been called together by Ithimur, a gnome who operates out of this office.

Beren an aasimar cleric concerned with healing and group camaraderie
Malorus an elf mage eager for power
Erin a delightful and distracting half-elf bard
Siegreth a human barbarian, strong and thirsty
Wolvain a human ranger skilled in investigation
Krudok a half-orc warrior hungry for battle

The Silnar Enterprises would like the party to journey to Darkshelf to confront an issue brewing around the quarry there. Silnar receives limestone from the quarry, but the town elder has been looking for help and the company would like to assist in safeguarding the village and the supply of stone. The adventurers are offered 100 gp each, up front, if they are willing to look into this. The company also supplied several horses and two coaches for transport.

The adventurers agree to deal with the threat, and the next day they begin their journey east, to the coast of the Sea of Gearnat, in Nyrond. The first day passes uneventfully, but by the middle of the next day a massive storm forms, impeding their travel. After a few minutes of thought, the group presses on but a wheel breaks on one coach, delaying their team. After fixing it, they press on to reach the small town Toruk. Instead they run across a stream that has flooded and cannot be crossed. The party is left to wait a day for the waters to subside while wondering what will happen next.



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