The Wake of Fate

Inspecting the Quarry

Session 2

The party proceeds to Darkshelf and finds the quarry rumored to be a source of trouble. They decide to enter straightway but the door is barred and the guards will not let them pass. A flash of illusion magic and a concerted insistence that they need to be let in to inspect (so that the guards can get their ‘reward’) are enough to fool some of the guards. The party enters and proceeds to inspect, until a she-elf encounters them and directs the guards to attack. At this point, just about the whole place seems to go up in arms and a long fight occurs. Somehow the party manages to avoid death and deal it out to over a dozen guards and Bazili Erak, the flame-haired ‘dwarf’ who joins the fray after a few rounds. The party hasn’t finished inspecting the quarry, but they have gotten rid of several personnel.



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