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  • Nature Calls

    The tale begins with a meeting held at the business offices of Silnar Enterprises in Greyhawk. Six adventurers have been called together by Ithimur, a gnome who operates out of this office. *Beren* an aasimar cleric concerned with healing and group …

  • Inspecting the Quarry

    The party proceeds to Darkshelf and finds the quarry rumored to be a source of trouble. They decide to enter straightway but the door is barred and the guards will not let them pass. A flash of illusion magic and a concerted insistence that they need to …

  • Spells

    This page features a list of spells that have been introduced to the campaign formally, listed by level.

  • Treasure Hoard from End of Session 1

    After the party defeated Bazili and Glyrthiel and several lackeys, they found several pieces of gear worth holding onto.... 160 silver pieces 200 copper pieces 200 arrows (Small Size Loot from goblins) 4 Size-Small Spears 4 Size-Small Leather …

  • Treasure

    "Treasure from End of First Full Session":https://thewakeoffate.obsidianportal.com/wikis/treasure-hoard-from-end-of-session-1

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